- PHS Half Round Milk Cooling Tanks



AISI 304 quality stainless steel. 1st wall base is 2 mm and it also has 0,8 mm Ep type laser welded cooler evaporator surface that is coupled to wall. 1st wall body 1,5 mm. Isolated body 1,5 mm. Cooler unit and tank body are mounted on single chassis. There are 1 25 W 21 d/d redactor and stainless steel mixer blade on redactor. Isolation range has 55 mm thickness, isolated with water based, non-HCFC high density polyurethane foam material. Product output has DN50 male sleeve, butterfly valve. There is also spring cover. There is Ø 200 mm covered product entry on the cover. There is manual measuring scale with 3% - 4% sensitivity rate. There are adjustable bolted stands under the tank. Design that allow zero liquid to remain in the rank during discharge. Welded sections are welded with 1st class Argon. TIG welding and has 1st class smooth polishing.

  • Fast Cooling without crystallization within minimum milk volume
  • Minimum gas charging
  • Cooling with R404 A gas
  • Peymak Milk Cooling Tanks provide each milking to cool from 35°C to 4°C at ambient temperature (32°C-38°C)
  • There are solenoid valve, dilatation valve, dryer, vision glass, liquid holder and valves of compressor.
  • Direct Expansion System
  • TSE regulation 13732 of Compliance certificate
  • T.C. Uluda¤ University Test of Compliance Certificate
  • Optionally, designs Suitable for 2, 4 and 6 milking time

  • Protection grade IP 65 Electric control panel
  • Tanks operate at 380 volt energy.
  • Digital thermometer heat level indicator
  • Electronic control card that is specially designed and is able to control the milk temperature and operation of the tank, easy utilization
  • Phase protection relay
  • System disables automatically when the cover of the tank is opened.
  • Automatic mixing program with special software;
  • Mixer operation time may be adjusted with desired intervals after the milk is brought to desired ser value. (3 minutes of operation, 10 minutes of break)

  • Manual washing

  • Emergency cooling switch, digital level indicator, heat recovery tank

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