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Model PF-3003 - Tie stall


In a tie stall dairy barn, the tie stall PF-3003 is a dairy cow stall highly appreciated. The flexibility of the tie stall PF-3003 gives a range of choices to customers. Here are several variants of option for tie stalls PF-3003. The height of the dividers, the width of stall, the length of the stall, with head rail including the water line or not, or simply a chain,dairy equipment support, with concrete curb or not, all combinations are possible with the tie stall PF-3003.

  • square post 2 1/2 'x 2 1/2' x 3/16 'thick hot dip galvanized
  • stall posts available 51' long or 56 'long
  • 2 3/8' OD pipe dividers
  • plate securely welded on post for dividers
  • also available square post 3' x 3' x 3/16' thick
  • all square post available 1/4' thick on demand

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