Pasdelou Galva

- Model PG102 01 73 - Sheep Gates


The gate offers a 470 mm-passage in every direction. It is automatically supplied with a lever which can be pulled from the top of the crate, with an automatic return by a rubber spring. The option remote control lever enables to activate the door at a distance of 2 m, thus making the animals' forward movement easier. This galvanised sorting gate is designed to be connected with hurdles with rods. It enables, starting from a race, to split the flock into two opposite directions and then to sort the flock in two distinct yards.

This handling gate is equipped with a self-locking system, which make the capture of the animal easier.

Its mechanism can be unlocked by hand thanks to a handle on the top of the crate. It is equipped with a sheeted doorstep, improving its stability thanks to the animal's weight. This gate is compatible with all the hurdles with rods.

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