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- Ad Lib Pig Feeders

Phillips Animal Health have a long history of supplying ad lib feed hoppers for pigs. For many years we manufactured a full range from sheet metal - until the late 80’s when the advantages of polypropylene became apparent.Our current range covers all sizes of pigs and all situations/preferences in terms of design and layout.The main feature shared by all feeders in the range is design and quality build that gives long efficient life on a farm. All are designed to give maximum feed conversion and minimum waste and last for many years. The core range of Blue Plastic Dry Feeders are guaranteed for 10 years... yes 10 years.

What customers say: ‘They stay cleaner than other pig feeders and the pigs can’t chew them’‘They might not be the cheapest, but they are better value because they last so well’.‘They’re very strong - we’ve been using them for 5 years and the first one is good as the last’.Tim Webster T.L. & C.W. Webster, Hay-a-Park, Knaresborough.

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