- Model 4500 Series - Rotary Harrow


No. 1 For Good Reason - For The Way We Farm Today! The No-Till Solution... Soils warm faster. Fields dry sooner. Eliminates soil density layers for maximum root growth. This unique, patented, tool has many uses for the progressive farmer. It allows for residue management, lump and ridge leveling, seedbed preparation, and more. The superior staggered tooling design disturbs a higher percentage of soil, leaving an excellent seedbed while retaining valuable moisture. The tooling is self-cleaning and will not plug up even in heavy, wet residue. The patented wing-up frame design allows you to go from working to transport position with seconds. No need to leave the comfort of the tractor seat

Fast and Easy Transport
We can't say enough about how convenient it is to put the Phillips Rotary Harrow in and out of transport. The wing-up frame design is exclusive to the Phillips Harrow. This sturdy, convenient design allows you to go from working position to transportposition in seconds, without leaving the tractor seat. The only reason to leave the tractor is to engage the transport safety locks.
Holds Better on Hillsides
Our V-design frame holds much better on hillsides than other A-frame type machines. If our V frame slips downhill slightly, the bottom side of the V digs harder and holds the harrow up the hill. With the A-frame design, if the harrow slips slightly down the hill, the upper part of the harrow digs in harder and pushes the harrow even further down the hill.
Stout and Heavy Frame
Once you see the Phillips Rotary Harrow, you'll be suitably impressed with the stout frame. It looks almost overbuilt compared to other machines, but it needs to be strong. Operators pull the Phillips Rotary Harrow at speeds upward of 10 mph or even more. Traveling at 8 to 9 mph is not uncommon. It can handle it. And, it can handle the extra weight of applicators used for broadcasting granular products.
Unique Tool Design
The heart of the Phillips Rotary Harrow is the patented interlocking tine assembly. Our superior staggered design hits the ground in a pattern of dotted grooves 3.25' apart. This pattern disturbs a high percentage of the ground leaving the soil surface smooth. The heavy cable that runs through the center of the tooling is for ballast only, offering a bit more penetration. The tooling doesn't plug up because of its self-cleaning nature. Our superior tines are made strong from high carbon, hot forged and heat-treated steel. They don't break and they last a very long time.

  • Tines are made from high carbon, hot forged, heat-treated steel.
  • These unique tines provide for long life, even under the most difficult field conditions.
  • Wing design allows for easy and convenient transport.
  • Works well in heavy, damp residue without plugging or bunching.

  • Seed Bed Preparation
  • Residue Management in No-Till
  • Levels Lumps and Ridges
  • Levels Standing Corn Stalks 
  • Great for Incorporating Manure
  • Incorporation in Top Soil
  • Sow Small Seeds
  • Works Great on Terraces
  • Aerates Hay Land and Pasture
  • Rolls Over Rocks Easily

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