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The Photo3S is the industry’s only integrated 3-axis stabilized high resolution camera for micro UAVs and produces high-quality colour still images and live video for precision imaging applications. The Scout's automated control system dynamically adjusts vehicle position and camera orientation through 3-axes of rotation (yaw, pitch, and roll) hundreds of times per second to ensure that the Photo3S™ remains on-target to capture precise imagery in the most demanding conditions.

Colour and near-infrared images are commonly combined to produce multi-spectral images.  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a multi-spectral standard used worldwide to measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover and soil/water condition, and biomass production – and is used in applications such as precision agriculture, assessing fire hazards, monitoring droughts, and other environmental projects.

Sample images below show geo-referenced mosaics of images from the Photo3S and Photo3S-NIR, captured using the Scout's Auto-Grid™ automated flight planning software and processed by the Pix4D UAV aerial image processing cloud service.  A multi-spectral image mosaic was also produced, using data from the colour and near-infrared images.

Extreme Reliability
Ruggedized and weather-sealed gimbal provides dependable operation in wet, sandy, or humid environments, extreme temperatures, and high winds

Dynamic Control
Precise Click-to-Aim camera control and the ability to easily adjust settings while airborne (exposure, ISO, zoom and more) improves operator effectiveness and gathered imagery

GIS-Ready Imagery
Embedded geotags and metadata enable precise geolocation and use of industry standard tools for post-processing into stitched images, map overlays, 3D models, and more

All-Digital Network
Optional encrypted transmission protects against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously streaming video to multiple devices in the secure network

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