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- Foliar Biostimulant



Phyllosphere is a biological dynamic microsystem located on leaves and leaf sheath. Many microorganisms interact with the plant. Phyllo’Activ brings the specific growth middle which activate commensal flora. Phyllosphere good balance fortify the plant and her resistance against abiotic stress. Besides it influences photosynthetic activity and improve its nutritional capacity. To visualize the last phyllo’activ movie click on the follow link :

Terms of use

 Water-soluble powder

From 2 to 5 application, 300 g/ ha


Phyllo’Activ, foliar biostimulant, is appropriated on every agricultural crops and may be associated with certain phytosanitary products or fertilizers, after technical recommandations.

 Water-soluble powder

CE Fertilizer Norm – oligo elements blend

 2,7 kg container
conditionned in carton packaging of 4 containers

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