- Microbiological Soil Conditions


The creation of healthy and robust microbiological soil conditions provides highly desirable benets to plant growth and vigor through enhancement of nutrient uptake and water drainage. PhytoZyme™ provides the ultimate water biocatalytic additive for the horticultural and agricultural markets. In recent years, with the tremendous growth in  organic agriculture, a greater emphasis on better water management, and the requirements for lowering the discharge of excess fertilizers into our common waterways, the advantages of using extremely dilute doses of PhytoZyme™ oer compelling economic value to the entire agricultural and horticultural sectors.

The breakdown of Black Plug Layer (BPL) is a major problem for golf courses, and is part of a very common problem to many agricultural and horticultural professionals where anaerobic conditions produce toxic biolms within soils and plant tructures. PhytoZyme™ can provide an excellent solution to this chronic problem due its ability to breakdown the physical structure of biolms, providing the conditions for better aerobic conditions within soils and their micro environments.

  • Improvement of water drainage
  • Improvement of nutrient uptake
  • Breaks down toxic biolms
  • Increases root growth
  • Lowers discharge of fertilizers
  • Lowers water requirements
  • Improvement of plant vitality

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