Harriston Mayo

Pick Planter


The Harriston Pick Planter is fast, precise, and reliable. The individual row units with walking gauge wheels provide a consistent planting depth. Gauge wheels can have optional 4.80 x 12 tires for sandy soil. The large pick wheels and low drop point mean better seed placement. Row units have Improved cast iron pick assemblies with plastic inserts for less maintenance. A metered feed system provides controls bowl level for less doubles. The solid, proven Harriston design means years of dependable service. On 6 or 8 row planters a mechanical walking beam allows planter frame to remain level. The many available options let you customize the planter to fit your operation.

Available Options:

  • Semi-mount or pole hitches
  • Raven hydraulic control or ground drive
  • Raven or Dickey John seed sensor packages
  • Various sizes of seed tanks with extensions
  • 11.25 x 24 ribbed implement or
  • 14.9 x 24 diamond tread tires
  • Straight and bi-fold markers
  • Several shoe designs
  • Large depth gauge wheels
  • Hill packers
  • Front and rear platforms
  • Gandy Insecticide applicators
  • Planter transport trailers
  • Gravity feed fertilizer applicators
  • Stainless fertilizer tanks
  • Fertilizer tank cross augers
  • Rear rippers before or after rear tires
  • Stabilizer discs or wheels

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