Pieton Crop Protection



The Pieton spray system is a patented spray technology developed by Van der Ende Pompen. Initially, this spraying technique was developed for growing roses to control the spider mite there. But meanwhile, the technique also fully applied in other crops which are difficult to spray, such as for instance gerbera cultivation. The revolutionary feature of the Pieton is that not only is sprayed with liquid, but with an air / liquid mixture. By the addition of air pressure to the fluid pressure, the droplets get a very high velocity (kinetic energy) already at a relatively low fluid pressure, so it is able to penetrate deeply into the crop without too much air movement, which may be detrimental to the crop.

Advantages of spraying with an air / liquid mixture:

  • Highly effective combat
  • Fewer spraying
  • Saving on pesticides
  • Easy connection to existing pumps and compressors
  • Applicable to all common transport systems

The following video shows clearly the operation of the by us developed Pieton.

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