- Systematic Hoof Care and Hoof Trimming Box


Piggytrim operates by letting the sow to go into the box, after which she is hoisted up lying on her stomach with the legs on either side of the longitudinal tubes. The sow calms down when the floor disappears beneath it, and you can work undisturbed with the hoof care.


With Piggytrim you are secured a product of high quality

  • You will get top safety, as the box is built on an original   STENHØJ lift
  • An APV is included
  • Fixing is integrated in the box, so there will be no extra work
  • Piggytrim has been tested in a German test station
  • We offer instructions of how to use the box and how to do hoof trimming on sows
  • We offer to assist with the mounting of the box
  • The box is constructed so the sow will not be able to jump out of it.

Easy operation

The box is operated by two buttons and there is no safety paddles or similar to keep in mind.

Location of the box

Piggytrim is placed in an appropriate place in the stable in relation to the internal logistics.

Customizing possible:

We offer to supply a foot bracket depending on the specific needs. If the box should be placed on a slatted floor, it has to be supported at the top, typically by bolting it to a wall or barrier construction. When the box is lifted up, personal can pass freely underneath it. Therefore, it will not be in the way, if it is placed in a walkway.


The hoof care is done with a grinder with a flap disc attached and a hoof scissors. The treatment takes 5-10 min. per. pig.

Measurements for Piggytrim
The measurements of the box:

  • Height: 1,5 meter
  • Width: 1,2 meter
  • Length: 2,2 meter

Minimum measures for the surroundings of Piggytrim:

  • Height to the sealing: 3,3 meter
  • Free height under the box: 2,1 meter
  • Distance in front of the box and behind the box:


Piggytrim needs 380V

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