- Model 3100 - Cucumber Harvester



Take your cucumber harvest to the next level with the Pik Rite Series 3100. The Pik Rite Cucumber Harvester has been designed to ensure you reap higher crop yields than ever before. The Series 3100 inhales crops at up to 3 acres per hour. As it spits out leaves, vines and trash, it leaves you with clean, high quality fruit. The Pik Rite 3100 Cucumber Harvester is built to help you increase your profit margins.

It features:

  • hopper with 200 bushel capacity
  • goose neck hitch (with single wheel)
  • gearbox-mounted dual hydraulic pumps
  • 72″ cutting disks (120″ gather)
  • 64″ wide crop intake (with hydraulic dirt gap)
  • fully-lit work area
  • Hedge Hog dirt removal system
  • sizing chain
  • powered dirt vibrator on upper header chain
  • bar cleaners
  • mechanical/hydraulic dual automatic header height control
  • patented double brush shaker system

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