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Pilot Scale / In-Process Manufacturing Equipment

PHARMAG is a fully owned subsidiary of PharmaTest AG.  The PharmAG Pilot Plant System is specifically designed for specialized applications that include new product development, scaling up to test small batch quantities, and the production of specialty materials that are not necessarily manufactured in larger quantities.

PharmAG products cover the entire spectrum of the development process and small batch manufacture.  The UAM power plant serves as the basis and provides optimum flexibility with the industry standardized flange system that allows for interchangeable attachments for multiple applications and with other manufacturers attachments.  PharmAG offers the highest quality German engineered Pilot Scale / In-Process Manufacturing Equipment, such as mixers, stirrers, granulators, blenders, liquid and cream fillers, and product enhancing tools like coating pans and pelletizers.

PharmaAG products find their place in the Research arena, as well as the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical, and Agricultural industries.  The applications are endless.


The UAM Universal Motor Drive is the basis for the PHARMAG Pilot Plant System.  The “Universal” Flange makes for easy change over from one accessory to another, and it allows you to use your existing small batch production equipment from other manufacturers such as Erweka.  The Universal Gear Drive (UGD) can be attached to the UAM to allow for the angle of operation to be adjusted from 0 – 180 Degrees.  In addition, the UGD can be used to reduce the drive speed in a ratio of 10:1.  The UGD is required for some PHARMAG attachments such as mixers, pelletisers, and coating pans.  Unlike other models on the market today, the UGD can be accurately set to the desired operating angle.


The YM-4 “V” Blender is a self contained tumble blender intended forthe laboratory, pilot-plant, and scale up applications.  It is suitable for processing a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, cosmetics, plastics, and synthetic fibers.  As the “V” shaped blender rotates, the tumbling actions brings about a mixing of the ingredients.  The result is a uniform predictable blend.  The PHARMAG YM-4 has an approximate operating capacity of 2kg.  It is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel.


The drum hoop blender is ideal for mixing products such as powders and granules prior to encapsulation or tableting.  It can also be used for coating, dyeing or for mixing solid/liquid media and similar duties.  The diagonal placement of the drum within the hoop combined with the rotation of the hoop itself produces a uniform three dimensional displacement of the material and hence a tumbling mixing action.  The HM-5 connects to the UAM.  Working capacity is approximately: 2.5L.


Plough share mixers are ideal for mixing powders and granules and can be used for light paste-like or cream materials.  The PSM-8 is based on a proven mixing construction that provides a double mixing action ensuring fast and efficient blending.  The constant rotation of the stainless steel blades drives the material to the top of the trough where it tumbles to the base and is once more folded back into the material mass.  Working capacity is Approx. 7L.


The DCM-6 Double Con eMixer is useful for free flowing product or granules.  It operates on a free flow principle.  The mixing is achieved by the cone and its rotation.  The mixing drum is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and has a capacity of 5L.  The operational capacity varies from product to product; however, it is approximately 50%-60%.  The UAM Motor Drive  provides the power required for operation.

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