Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

- Model II - Nozzle


Controlling flow at the nozzle body has proven to be a game changer. Add to that doing the control on an individual nozzle level, and you have what everyone has been asking for years. Add a simple to use but highly sophisticated control system and you are able to apply with the  accuracy and precision needed to achieve optimal results. For over 20 years our patented technology has proven itself in the field. Application  technology with results, just as it should be.

Apply with Precision. Apply with CapstanAG.

Conventional sprayers are bound by an approach that’s been outdated for decades. They require you to manage speed, pressure, and other variables hoping to get as close as possible to the application you’re after - how can that be right?

Our patented technology are the innovations that change everything. The system maintains constant pressure and control is moved to the nozzle. Always the right  rate and always your chosen droplet size to assure an incredibly consistent application. Speed up, slow down, turn, overlap, or any combination of them, and your application stays consistent every time.

An Incredible Feature Set

From overlap/boundry control, to instant on/off, to individual nozzle control, to one-button ease of operation, the list goes on and on. Once you
see PinPoint® II in action you won’t be able to apply any other way.

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