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- Cage Farming System


Function: Marine cage farming system can be used in various water environments including lake, sea and river etc. Suitable for intensive farming. Suitable for different species, such as Tilapia, Japanese Sea Bream, Goldlined Sea Bream, Cobia, Greater Amberjack, Blue-Banded Sea Perch, Spangled Emperor (Sand Snapper, Parrot-Fish), Snappers, Yellow-Wax Pampano, Orange-Spotted Grouper, Red Drum, Catfish, Striped bass, Bluegill sunfish, Crappie, Carp. etc.

  • 'One-Piece Injection Molded' HDPE 80 Bracket, extremely sturdy.
  • HDPE 80 Floating Pipe and HDPE 100 Handrail Pipe offer excellent ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance) and resist deformation.
  • High carbon component, strong UV resistance ensures sound durability, low maintenance and investment cost.
  • Removable Handrail T Bar makes more easily assembling, simplified harvesting & efficient maintenance as well as resistant to corrosion.
  • Heavy duty standing pole. Bear heavier net weight.
  • All the 'Round' and 'Square' shape cages can be tailor-made.

Improved Safety

  1. Reduced point load on the net.
  2. Full control while hoisting the net and minimum risk for propeller damages.
  3. Increased net volume at 'High Energy' sites.

Good Environment Control

  1. Opens net meshes to its maximum creating less fouling and more flow.
  2. A 'Constant' cylindrical net volume reduces the risk of wounds and stress during the bad weather or strong currents

Highest Resistance of Wave

  1. Extended length between the bracket rings can resist up to 6m wave and suitable for 3 knots water current.
  2. UV resistance, molecule fission resistance under the cold weather and conforming to ASTM 1603 standard.

Stainless Steel Net Hook

  1. Made of #316 Stainless Steel acid and alkali resistant
  2. Fast delivery & easily assembling.

Square Cage Available

  1. Can be used for growing fingerlings, transporting or as harvesting cages

Mooring System

  1. Consultancy & installation service is provided upon request

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