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- GPS and GPRS Modules


The Piper GPS/GPRS system consists of a PD664 GPRS module, programmable PD601S module with base units, and a marine standard programmable GPS antenna. Automatic farmer or customer identification is made by location. The unit also verifies the location at which any transaction took place. GPRS is used to transmit data back to a server. Because the data transfer channel is always open, data is transmitted back to the server immediately after each transaction, permitting real time planning of milk collection and delivery according to processor and farmer needs. In addition to the upload of collection data, information and instructions can be downloaded to tankers at any time.

The combination of GPS and GPRS means that information on tanker location and status is always available, Also available is location of suppliers and delivery sites, together with expected volumes from suppliers. All this information can be shown on mapping software to assist efficient load planning.

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