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- Model PD340 - Milk Metering & Data Capture Systems


The PD 340 flow transmitter is a precision meter for the volumetric measurement of liquids, which are electrically conducting. The meter is hygienic and has a 3-A approval. Designed so that changes in flow profile do not affect accuracy, the meter is accurate over a wide range of flow rates.

Sizes available:

  • C25: 1”: Flow rates up to: 133 litres/minute
  • C38: 1.5”: Flow rates up to: 333 litres/minute
  • C51: 2”: Flow rates up to: 667 litres/minute
  • C63: 2.5”: Flow rates up to: 1,333 litres/minute
  • C76: 3”: Flow rates up to: 2,000 litres/minute
  • C102: 4”: Flow rates up to: 3,333 litres/minute

Since the meter utilizes a P-NET fieldbus connection, there are no “pulses” to count. Therefore the collection information is held both in the meter and the controller during a collection. A second counter is also available for added security and versatility.

Client And Sample Identification


GPS is especially suitable for milk tanker operations as it removes the necessity for badges and tags which can be easily lost or damaged. Additional security is also achieved since the location of each transaction is recorded.

Piper GPS can also be integrated into a route optimization package


Barcodes can be used to identify suppliers or customers. Drivers can also use barcode badges to sign on at the start of a trip. A barcode label on a sample bottle can be used to identify a farm or to link a sample to a specific transaction


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) can be used to identify farmers, drivers or delivery points. The major advantage of RFID is that data can be written to the RFID tag or transponder for additional security. RFID can be either close or long range – as required by the application.

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