- Model 12+ - Field Transfer Trailers



The product has been in development for a period of 3 years. It has been tested during two harvest campaigns for barley, wheat and sunflower. The main parts such as the frame, axles, reduction gear, cylinders, ball bearings, tires and other are from leading European manufacturers. Details can be found in the product specification. The trailer itself, has been manufactured on a specialized production line which guarantees high quality and long life.

Weight fully loaded: 12 500 kg
Usable weight: 8 000 kg

Weight empty: 4 500 kg
Hopper volume: 12 m3
Auger unloading rate: 150-200 t/h
Unloading time: 2 min.
Length of the hopper: 4000 mm
Width of the hopper: 2500 mm

Length: 7 280 mm
Width: 2 850 mm
Height: 3 200 mm

Height of the deck:  850+250 mm

Thickness of the walls of the hopper: 4/4/4 mm
Height of loading from the top end of the hopper to the ground: 3000 mm
Track: 2050 mm
Suspension: tandem - 2 axle parabolic leaf springs
Vertical load of draw-bar: 1000 kg
Tires: 30,5-LR32
Top speed: 40km/h
Min. tractor requirements: 100 Hp/ 66 kW

Auger measurements

  • Diameter: 361 mm
  • Length: 5 200 mm
  • Height: 4 560 mm

Braking system: twin circuit brakes with hand regulator of the loading
The field transfer trailer PIRGOS with a volume of 12 m3 can be found in two models:

PIRGOS 12 without valves and PIRGOS12+ with valves

Harvest - The purpose of the field transfer trailer is to take the grain from a harvester during work and transfer it to vehicles. Its use increases the effectiveness of the harvester as it is not necessary to stop its work for discharging which shortens the time required for harvesting. The harvesters fill their hoppers for 20-25 minutes, depending on the distance to the road, the trailer can handle between 1 and 2 combine harvesters category 300 HP as it takes the grain from one harvester, discharge it in the vehicle and and heads to the second harvester. For harvesters category 200 hp, the trailer adopts the grain from the two harvesters and unloads it in the vehicle, which can increase their productivity with 50% if the trailer transfers the grain to trucks, located at the end of the block, replacing the motion of the harvester to the block; and up to 20% if the vehicle  go to the harvester. One harvester unloads for 1-2 minutes in the trailer and it moves to the next harvester. Then the trailer moves to the truck, discharges for 2 minutes and returnes to the first harvester. One cycle of the trailer from the harvester to the truck takes about 20 minutes

Sowing – the trailer can transport 8 tons of wheat seed. When loading a drill with one heading, it can sow at least 260 acres. The valves allow stopping the grain at any time when filling the seeder, and it is also possible to target  the grain to the drill by the restriction options. 

FERTILIZATION – you can use bulk fertilizer or fertilizer in big bags. With one course you can fertilize about 500 acres. 

TRANSPORTATION OF GRAIN - The presence of automated sliding rules at the bottom of the box, allows the cargo to be unloaded in the unloading area, without the use of the auger. 

HOPPER: The trailer is built on a frame and the hopper can be easily removed and replaced with a tipping, board or fertilizer-spreading trailer. We offer all of those kinds of frames to our customers.

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