- Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds



Introducing the 600 - 700 Series Pivot Squeeze, the newest DewEze bale bed. Our Pivot Squeeze is built with the same strength and style of the industry-leading Parallel Squeeze, and includes innovative options like the new Swivel Spinners and the large 110' opening and narrow 34' closing of the DewEze Pivot Squeeze arms.

  • We introduced a pivot-squeeze to their bale bed line-up in 2013, making DewEze the only bale bed manufacturer to offer a variety of squeeze styles.
  • DewEze doesn't Just build the industy's best bale beds, they also build the hydraulic kits that power them. The belt-driven pump works independent of the transmission, giving you have the freedom and flexibility to operate how you want.
  • DewEze bale beds are built to outlast the truck you put them on, but if something does go wrong, you can rest well knowing the hyraulics and electrical systems are covered by a one-year warranty and the flat bed by a two-year warranty.
  • DewEze bale beds come with a wireless remote giving you the freedom to feed livestock wherever you want, from the great outdoors to the comfort of your cab.
  • The new swivel spinners from DewEze keep the bale parallel while unrolling, translating to greater accuracy and coverage while feeding.

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