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Pivoting Bucket Elevators and Bucket Conveyors



A versatile bucket conveying and elevating system in a robust and durable design that will transport a bulk product from one interface point in the process to its next position. Gough's patented Swinglink elevators have a continuous patented chain and bucket design with overlapping lips that present a continuous row of buckets at the in-feed station. This allows for spill free multiple load points and multiple selectable discharge stations. These Gough elevators have worked within single installations and complex schemes. Gough's other popular bucket elevator design, the Econ-o-Lift with its unique in-feed system allows the buckets to overlap and give a spill-free load. Throughout the rest of the system, spaced buckets allow for a full 360° multiple or single discharge. Each of the patented designs allows Gough to specify a machine that exactly matches your process requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Single energy efficient drive
  • Hygienic tubular construction for hygiene conscious areas
  • Gentle product handling
  • Unique patented chain technology in stainless steel, mild steel or plastic
  • Quick release buckets for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Single or multiple in-feed and discharge points


  • Stainless steel or mild steel construction material
  • Sheet or tubular design
  • Clear, solid or perforated covers
  • Multiple discharge and inlet feeds for customer flexibility.

Bucket Design

  • Buckets remain upright throughout circuit to ensure product integrity.
  • Clean-in-place capabilities for maximum cleanliness
  • Smooth bucket surfaces eliminate product trap areas.
  • Stainless steel, mild steel or plastic buckets

Patented Chain Design

  • Heavy-duty patented chains for increased throughputs and increased production rates. Various materials of construction for chains to meet specific process applications and insure long-life durability and reliability. Wash-through chain design for maximum cleanliness and superior sanitation.

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