Model PL-9200 - Management Computer



This management computer is the heart of your poultry farm. It automatically controls, monitors and manages all vital processes in your house, such as ventilation,heating, lighting, relative humidity and CO2. The PL-9200 offers a wide range of growth curves, enabling the climate in the house to grow along with your animals. The large graphic display gives you a full overview of your house at a single glance. The PL-9200 is easy to operate using the function keys. Because unused functions are not displayed, the control system is kept easy and transparent.

The heart of your poultry farm
  • Management computer: controls all vital processes such as climate, feed, water, light, weighing, counting and timer functions
  • Unused functions are not displayed
  • Can be adjusted exactly to your farm conditions
  • Modular, so can be expanded at any time
  • Large graphic display for a complete overview of your housing unit
  • Quick and easy to set
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect

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