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Winkel portable corrals with loading chute, panels, panel carriers and related accessories are constructed with thought, ingenuity and craftsmanship that only years of experience allow.  These everyday tools of the livestock industry will provide you years of durable and dependable service.

Well Balanced Even

When Fully Loaded
Winkel panels have sled runner legs for ease of handling. Can be easily pushed into place and allows the panel lo 'glide* over the ground for easy one-man setup. Each panel is dip painted with quality enamel for years of dependable life.

Portable Corrals
Turn Any Remote Area into Easy Working Conditions

Winkel Portable Corrals are built to give you years of dependable service. Each unit is well balanced for ease of hooking to your vehicle and designed for confident towing down the road. Compare each Winkel feature for your assurance of quality. dependability and ease of assembly for your livestock handling operation. A complete Winkel Portable Corral Unit has the following components:

Custom Winkel Features
All Winkel panels have secure-hook, bottom anchors and quick aligning. positive hookup clevis typo connector tops; an original Winkel feature.

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