Plant Stress Kit


The “Plant Stress Kit” includes the Y(II) meter and an FV/FM meter. When combined, they provide the best fast tests available for plant stress measurement. FV/FM is highly regarded and it is the most used chlorophyll fluorescence protocol. It allows comparison of different samples in the same known dark adapted state. The FV/FM meter is designed to work with dark adaptation clips, that allow large populations of samples to be measured in a short period of time. The Y(II) meter measures light adapted samples, and it is more sensitive to some types of plant stress than FV/FM (See the brochure). 

The Y(II) meter measures: ΔF/FM' , or Y(II) , a - leaf absorptance, ETR, PAR, leaf temperature, and relative humidity. Since measurements vary with both light intensity (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) and temperature, both P.A.R. and leaf temperature are also measured. Both instruments provide graphic display, and will run for eight hours on a pocket sized, rechargable lithium ion battery. The instrument becomes a computer drive when the USB cable is plugged into your computer. Files are comma delineated and may be opened directly into any spread sheet software. They each have 2 Gigabytes of memory.

“The Plant Stress Kit” is an affordable way to buy research instruments that measure the fast, light adapted measurement, Y(II) or ΔF/FM’ , and the fast, dark adapted measurement, FV/FM.

The Y(II) meter offers a fast and an affordable way to measure light adapted parameters including:
ΔF/FM’ or Y(II), leaf absorptance, ETR, PAR, leaf temperature, & relative humidity.
FM’ correction according to Loriaux 2013 is an included option.
The FV/FM meter design allows it to work with dark adaptation clips, to permit the measuring of large populations of plants, in a short period of time. Both instruments offer a graphic display.

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