- Grass Silage Spreader



There are 6 different width of the roller from 1,73m to 2,70m available (two standard width, the other widths with extensions). The diameter of the roller is 98 cm, there are 24 /32 spreading paddles welded on.You can chose between a rigid or hydraulically swivelling machine. A lateral limit of throwing (rigid), an illumination unit and oil motor drive are available as accessories.

At a glance
  • 2 models; rigid or swivelling
  • Automatic overload protection in series.
  • For front or rear linkage.
  • Power input 80 HP.
  • For small farms

Reverse reduction gearbox
Reverse reduction gearbox for optionally front or rear use. Always retrofitable.

Automatic overload protection
Automatic overload protection integrated in the basic frame.

Widening of the spreader roller
Widening of the spreader roller to screw on

Green fodder distribution equipment
for rigid Grass Silage Spreaders, clearing shield with exact adjustment of depth by rollers, fodder baffle plate and adjustable lateral clearing shields.

Double-side wide angle cardan shaft
As an accessory a double sided wide angle cardan shaft is recommended.

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