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- Model D - Wireless Data Logger and Sensors



In combination with PlantCare’s wireless soil moisture sensors, the PlantControl D is used for the wireless reception and recording of soil moisture levels and soil temperature in the scientific sector, for agricultural applications as well as garden and landscaping construction.

itoring of expensive plantings

General features

  • Up to 99 wireless sensors can be connected.
  • Measurement of soil moisture levels and soil temperature at freely selectable intervals.
  • Speedily reaction to changes in moisture levels.
  • Reliable results even at minimum depths (from 5 cm).
  • Value measured is unaffected by salt or fertilizer content.
  • Precise recording of measurements through built-in quartz clock.
  • A USB-interface allows to readout the measurement data as well as a logbook to a USB stick.
  • Communication module with GPRS terminal for remote data retrieval (optional).
  • Language setting German/English

General technical specifications

  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Measurement in: relative % or hPa (for hPa 6 standard soils to choose from)
  • Data analysis with PlantCare DataViewer Software (inclusive)
  • Signal range up to 200 meters, dependent on the type of terrain. Can be extended up to 30 kilometers using optional range extenders.
  • Licence-free transmission frequency: 868 MHz or 915 MHz, interchangeable
  • Weatherproof IP67 housing
  • Frost resistant
  • Operating temperature: -20° C to +50° C
Technical specifications PlantControl D
  • Up to 100.000 data sets can be recorded
  • USB interface for data export on USB stick
  • Power supply: 8 AA rechargeable batteries (inclusive), in combination with mains (110/230V) or solar cell 12W
  • Dimensions: 29 x 23 x 15 cm
Technical specifications soil moisture sensor
  • Can be used in all soil types
  • Power supply: 2 AA 1.5 V batteries
  • Battery life span approx. 1 year depending on measuring cycle
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 29 cm (shortest version)
Available sensor lengths
  • PlantCare wireless sensor ST / Inserting depth max. 18 cm
  • PlantCare wireless sensor M / Inserting depth max. 35 cm
  • PlantCare wireless sensor XL / Inserting depth max. 60 cm
  • PlantCare wireless sensor XXL / Inserting depth max. 100 cm
  • PlantCare wireless sensor XL Cable / Inserting depth max. 60 cm
  • PlantCare wireless sensor XXL Cable / Inserting depth max. 250 cm
Measurement data

Moisture display:
- In relative %-units or
- hPa suction pressure for 6 standard soils
Measuring range soil moisture (at a soil temperature between 2° C to +37° C*):
- Relative %-units: 0 - 100%
- hPa: 0 – 400 hPa high sensitivity / > 400 - 800 hPa lower sensitivity
Measuring range soil temperature: -20°C to +50° C
Measuring accuracy:
- Soil moisture: +/- 3%
- Soil temperature: +/- 0.3° C
Reading accuracy:
- Soil moisture in relative %: 1%
- Soil moisture in hPa: 1hPa
- Soil temperature: 0.1 °C

* Sensors for soil moisture measurements at soil temperature range between 2° C to +50° C on request

Measuring method

PlantCare’s worldwide patented sensor technology is based on the microthermic measurement of soil moisture. A specially developed felt material in moisture balance with the soil acts as the interface between the surrounding soil and the sensor. To measure the moisture level, the sensor is briefly heated and the cooling-down time, which varies depending on soil moisture, is determined. The sensor's cooling-down time thus provides a reliable statement of the soil's moisture content.

Scope of supply
  • PlantControl D Data Logger, internal transformer
  • PlantCare DataViewer software for the display and analysis of the measured data
  • PlantCare Wireless soil moisture sensors incl. batteries
  • Solar cell
  • Range extenders for increasing the radio range
  • Communication module for remote data retrieval
  • External antenna for enhanced signal reception (for PlantControl D or GPRS terminal)
  • Support poles for field use
  • Replacement tip with felt for sensor

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