- Injection Moulded Plastic Brackets Cages



Designed to withstand the harsh weather and currents of the North Atlantic. Cages are of vital importance to every fish farmer. Every fish farmer needs to be ensured that the cages at his disposal are strong and versatile enough to withstand harsh weather and strong currents. With our cages you are certified that they can withstand the stress fiercely enforced by the Atlantic Ocean. We are known to only supply high quality equipment, that can meet the strictest demands by the aquaculture industry.

The plastic brackets

Our plastic brackets are made from high quality HDPE100 and are injection moulded, which makes them strong and reliable. The neck of the bracket, which often is the weak point of a bracket, has been specially designed to withstand all the strong forces, which it is imposed by.

Sinker tubes

The sinker tubes are made from high quality HDPE100 and are filled with steel wires.

The sinker tubes give a more stable volume of the cage nets, even with strong currents and bad weather. The meshes are more open and this provides a better water flow. This together results in a better health of the fish with less stress and cuts.

Our cages are all available with sinker tubes and can carry a sinker tube up to 70kg/mtr.

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