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Model Plate heat exchanger - Steril Series


Plate heat exchanger is a high effective heat exchanging equipment for modern project field,can be used in such fields as chemical industry,metallurgy,petroleum,power station,agriculture chemicals,paper making,pharmacy,air-conditioner,beer,beverage,and biological project.With advantages such as compact structure,large heat exchanging area,small area taking and easy disassembly,cleaning and maintain.

The plate heat exchanger made in our company adopted the tsainless steel covering frame,hasp sealing robber cushion,so especially suitable to the food,beverage and dairy product etc.fields.Plate material:SUS304、SUS316L、Tai plate etc.Rubber cushion material:NBR、EPDM、TP.Single palte area:0.05 m2,01 m2,0.16 m2, 0.26 m2,0.6m2.

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