Platipus Anchors Limited

- Model D-MAN - Anchor Systems


Designed primarily to replace the traditional deadman such as kerbstones or sleepers in areas where normal underground anchors are impossible to use due to services / shallow soil / roof gardens or gas tight membranes on brownfi eld sites.

Key Benefi ts of the D-MAN System

  • Extremely easy to use either individually or in multiples
  • Simple to lock / unlock cells together
  • Cells are omnidirectional for connecting together
  • Unique letterbox style wire tendon anchor point system
  • Cells are nestable and packed with our kits in standard boxes
  • One source supply reducing packaging and transport costs
  • Unique cup shape for valuable water storage
  • Cells are made from recycled plastic
  • Tested & approved by industry experts

The D-MAN cells / Deadmen should be installed at least 30cm below the base of the rootball with the soil compacted above the cells to 60%, right up to the nursery line.

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