Play Area Bark

Growise Play Area Bark ensures a soft surface, increasing the safety of a play area for children. This product is made using Pine Bark due to its durability, relative uniformity and high impact absorption properties. In order to off-set the dangers of a hard surface Growise Play Area Bark should be maintained at the optimum level at all times.


How to use:

  • Build a wooden framework around the area to be covered with bark. For an explanation as to the depth to which the framework should be built refer to the table below. Double check that the framework is safe and that there are no nails or screws protruding.
  • Pour the Growise Play Area Bark into the framework. Always double check for sharp or potentially dangerous objects and spread the bark evenly.
  • Keep the bark topped up and even to maintain the recommended depth.

Recommended depth:

When used within a pit or framework under play equipment, it's best to lay at the following minimum depths to provide the best protection -

  • Over a soil surface - 20cm (8') of bark
  • Over a tarmac surface - 25cm (10') of bark
  • Over a concrete surface - 30cm (12') of bark

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