- Model PLC - Pipeline Counter


The VAKI Pipeline Counter provides aquaculture operators with highly-accurate counting functionality and the fish remain in water at all times. The Pipeline Counter provides operators with a detailed counting report, along with a digital record of images which are saved for full verification of the count. The Pipeline Counter also can be mounted directly onto a grader, or onto the end of a pipe at the tank.

  • Single channel display unit, powered by 12VDC. External 110/240V power supply available. IP66 waterproof
  • 4 channel display unit, mains powered. IP66 waterproof
  • PC-based, 4 channel control unit with additional reporting and interfacing capabilities. IP65 waterproof
  • Accuracy: over 98%
  • Fish size: 10gr. - 10kg
  • Capacity: 45000 fish/hour (50gr)
  • Adaptors: for 110, 160 and 200mm pipes
  • Power supply: 110–240V
  • Single channel or 4 channel display
  • Optional alarm
  • Size: 450 x 450 x200mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Power requirement:
    • 12V supply direct from control unit
  • Water-resistant (IP67)
  • Four scanners can be connected to the control unit
  • Remote monitoring
  • UPS, back up power supply
  • Service contract and Extended warranty
  • Non-standard outlets and inlets
  • Custom design / specification
  • PC based 4 channel control unit with additional reporting and interfacing capabilities (IP65)
  • Power requirement:
    • 12V DC for single channel
    • 230V AC for four channel
  • Water-resistant housing (IP 66)

Salmon, cod, trout, char, sea bass, sea bream, tilapia, halibut, turbot.

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