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Intermag sp. z o.o.

- Model UNI PK 10:18 - Liquid Phosphorus-Potassium Fertilizer


Liquid phosphorus-potassium fertilizer with 140g P2O5 and 245 g K2O in 1L. Liquid potassium fertilizer intended for foliar application or for fertilising along with irrigation (fertigation). Especially recommended in periods of intensive growth, in conditions of limited phosphorus and potassium uptake from soil and at time of increased plant’s demand for these nutrients. Reduces the negative effects of drough and low temperatures. Increases yield and improves its quality parameters. Intensifies growth and development of root system as well as the vegetative and generative parts of plants.

Available packages:

  • 1.00 l
  • 5.00 l
  • 10.00 l
  • 20.00 l
  • 1,000.00 l

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