Model PLS7400 - Transportable Liquid Storage Unit



The PLS7400 unit meets the increasing demand for on-site liquid storage.The PLS7400 gives you mobile storage of liquids. In liquid fertilizer appication, the PLS7400 can be a convenient filling station right in your field. You no longer have to wait for the truck driver. The PLS7400 is suitable for storage of a wide array of liquids including liquid fertilizer, liquid feed supplement, herbicide and water for livestock or spraying operations. Whatever the need, the PLS7400 meets the demands for on-site liquid storage. The PLS is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4000 imp. gallons (4800 US, 21820 litres) to 7400 imp. gallons (8890 US, 33640 litres).

  • Tanks are rated for liquid up to 20 lbs. per gallon
  • Tanks have a 10° cone bottom for complete drainage.
  • Adjustable tongue heights with standard double clevis hitch, optional hitches are a pintle or 2-5/16” socket.
  • Minimal trailer tongue weight allows easy towing by a variety of vehicles.
  • Self-contained hydraulic system for fast transporting.
  • Tires are rated for highway speeds.
  • Complete with standard rear hitch.
  • One “front-fill” connection for ease of loading and unloading with separate valves on each tank.
  • Comes completely plumbed with 2” (51mm) hose, Banjo valves and cam-lock couplers.
  • Shielded main valve to protect against road damage.
  • Lighting package
  • Remote valve access
  • Optional equipment is a lockable lids and 3” (76mm) plumbing.

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