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GRAIN TESTER Plus is a product of the modern digital technology, a moisture meter controlled from microprocessor, able to satisfy the most demanding user. Using GRAIN TESTER Plus the measure of the cereal’s moisture becomes easy, comfortable, sure and fast. Thanks to the ampleness of range measure (4-40%) and to the automatic temperature compensation system, GRAIN TESTER Plus represents the faster way for use during the harvest, the drying, the storage, and the sale of the cereals realizing greater profits so. GRAIN TESTER Plus has self-check circut for signaling of errors or anomalies, which: cereal missing in cell, moisture too high, temperature too high, low battery.


Switching on GRAIN TESTER Plus display the last analyzed cereal, pushing up and down buttons to choose between the 14 cereals inside memory. Pushing the weighing key to activate the incorporated balance. Introduce 200 gr of cereal and pushing the moisture key, the moisture and temperature value appears directly on the liquid crystals display.     

Automatic weighing thanks to incorporated balance.
Tool doesn't require grounded product.
14 cereals inside permanent memory.
Automatic temperature compensation system.
Every single cereal moisture adjustment.
Auto power off after 3 minutes from last performed operation, for preserve batteries.
Messages language: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
Self-check circut for signaling of errors or anomalies.
Two years warranty.


  • Measurement: capacitive with temperature compensation
  • Moisture measurement range: 4 - 40% (depend by cereal)
  • Visualization: alphanumeric LCD display 16x2
  • Temperature measurement range: 0 - 80%
  • Power supply: 9V battery ( 6F22K )
  • Balance range: g. 0 - 250
  • Dimensions: 185x195x90
  • Memory: 14 cereals
  • Weight: 2 Kg

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