Marechalle Pesage

Model PM 2400 - Cattle Multifunction Handling Crush


Front gate to choose from: PM 83, PM 85 or PM 80. 4 lateral doors for a total access to the animal. Three-point linkage to be hooked by tractor. Adaptation to all breeds of cattle. Good stability of the animal. Product available in paint or galvanized .


  • length: 2.40 m
  • width: 0.82 m
  • height: 1.70 m


  • 550 kg

  • Good hold of the cow.
  • Safety and welfare of the animal.


  • Protection against bumps legs.
  • Handling and cares in total safety.
  • Fast operation.

  • Reverse model for crushes: handles on the left side from a front view
  • SUPER model (hoof trimming equipment)
  • Electric SUPER model (lifting legs with one motor)
  • Medicine box
  • Rubber mat
  • Muzzle boom lift
  • Manual or pneumatic scoop head up
  • Lift ring for transport
  • Removable galva width reducer in 2 parts
  • Removable central pole
  • Galva lateral caesarean door
  • Insemination back door PM 82
  • Pneumatic model
  • Pneumatic pendulum backstop

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