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Model Pm Trac - Forestry Tractor


If you are working in multiple areas such as agriculture, forestry, environmental care or communal work, you need a modern vehicle system that can be used flexibly in a variety of areas. The combination of a continuously variable drive, a support frame for heavy working equipment and a middle cabin with a swiveling driver’s station enables you to master many kinds of working projects. The middle cabin offers a modern and well-arranged working space. The driver has optimal sight because of the swiveling driver’s station and the high window fronts.

The rear building space is equipped with a change console, which is connected to the support frame and allows fast changes and assembly of the different working equipment. Winches and Slope mowers or logging and loading cranes with ranges up to 10m can easily and fast mounted and removed. As the back of the tractor gets an additional rear building space and as all standard connections are available- the tractor can be used for agricultural works without any limitation. To remove the crane takes less than 20 minutes.

The combination of variable continuously transmission and active hold control provides the operator with maximum ride comfort and optimum safety.

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