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Pneuematic Grain Plating Machine



Air pneumatic grain sowing, left seeds into the ground by air thrust, turning / seeding quantity, adjustable up to 300 grams to 40 kg with higher capacity planting drills.

Fertilized or unfertilized these machines are manufactured in accordance with the wishes of the customer. 3000L of air pneumatic drills; 3 m working width of 24 rows, combined (fertilizer) is spring anchoring model. By the help of spring anchoring legs it is possible to plant in stony, stalked fields without any damage of legs. 3000, 4000 and 6000 series pneumatic planting machines are especially successful in planting expensive micro seeds like canola, clover or onion. Any type of cereal like wheat, barley, oat, etc can be used in plating by these machines. Row intervals can adjusted as whished. Wheat plating with 12.5 cm intervals and onion planting with 20 cm intervals are possible to plant. When planting onion where consistent planting depth is important pressure treads equalizing seed planting depth are used. The track laying system used in these machines leaves unplanted rows with specific intervals. These unplanted rows can later used by sprayer machine, so it prevents wastage by unintentional run overs as well as preventing over-spraying or no-spraying .According to soil structure chopper, disc and spring loaded planting tread there are 3 different legs options exist.

  • It reduces the workmenship and working time,
  • Simple and easy using,
  • %50 more productivity for workmenship and time,
  • If suitable parts are placed in front of the tractor, it works as same a.s. placed back of the tractor.

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