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Pneumatic Braking Systems for Agricultural Vehicles


With the evolution in the power output of tractors and the weight of the loads carried on trailers, future regulations will go in the direction of fitting road trains with braking systems that will probably have to be pneumatic.The difficult point is the harmonisation of the road train brakes. One problem that is frequently met is the delay between the braking response times of the tractor and the trailer(s). A greasy surface requires great dexterity, premature use of the coupling, not to speak of the high risk of losing control of the road train. With its wealth of experience and mastery of the latest technology, Beka St-Aubin SA can offer innovative products and systems for the agricultural vehicle market.

Our braking system provide unequalled control over the braking behaviour of your tractor/trailer combination. In fact, the valve that translates your hydraulic braking initiation into a pneumatic braking command causes an almost instantaneous reaction to the pressure on the brake pedal.

A quality product also means a technical assistance service available at all times. Our technicians are at your beck and call and take pride in making every effort to satisfy your needs. They work throughout Europe, within 24 hours if need be.

BEKA has brough together all its technical know-how and experience to provide a BEV test bench to test all the compressed air braking systems in use in Switzerland and all over Europe.

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