- Pneumatic Olive Harvester


Olistar DIABLO is the preferred olive harvesting tool worldwide.  Its lightweight design and superb raking performance makes olive harvesting quick and easy, delivering a total harvest regardless of the stage of ripening or the type of cultivar. A uniquely designed rake makes the tool adaptable to different sized branches for ease of movement and penetration into the tree.

  • Quick = 1600 movements per minute
  • Powerful at low working pressure (max 100 psi)
  • Special patented rake structure

Harvest netting available in 10m (33') x 10m (33') dimensions.  The special woven netting lessens the impact on the olives and holds them firmly in place on the net.  It's lightweight design allows for easy loading of the harvested olives into bins or buckets.

Do-it-Yourself olive mills for small volume production.  Experience the pleasure and enhanced flavor from milling your own olives as they are harvested.

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