- Portable Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Sensor



POGO is a durable, portable, rechargeable turf/soil monitoring device with integrated GPS, WiFi, and the patented HydraProbe sensor. It is ideal for golf and sports turf applications, as well as agricultural applications.


Like the HydraProbe, POGO uses unique “Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry” to provide consistent long-term accuracy of moisture, salinity and temperature in any soil type. This also provides low inter-sensor variability, so every sensor measures the same without the need to calibrate.

The free POGO Turf Pro app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices turns your smartphone or tablet into a data acquisition and logging system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the WiFi-connected POGO.

The app displays real-time analytics and assessments of turf/soil moisture, salinity and temperature. This allows for timely reaction to conditions that could lead to costly problems.

Easily synchronize data with the POGO Turf Pro cloud system and unleash unprecedented insight and analysis from any internet connection (data can also be emailed as a .csv file if desired).

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