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- Broiler House Exhaust Air Washer



Pollo-M is a single-stage chemical exhaust air washer for use in broiler growing. The filter element is mounted horizontally in the exhaust air tower for a large contact surface. Sulphuric acid acidifies the process water that is sprayed onto the packing so the water reaches a pH value of ≤ 3.3.

  • significantly less ammonia and dust emissions;
  • DLG SignumTest of the German Agricultural Society passed (test report 6260);
  • the filter element’s large surface area reduces the air resistance and thus lowers the fans’ energy consumption; the special pump technology for the rinsing water also reduces energy consumption;
  • constant spraying of the filter keeps the filter clean;
  • the data logging system records all important values;
  • Pollo-M can also be controlled remotely;
  • easy accessibility;
  • low maintenance requirements.

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