- Model RD1 - Light Weight Gutter-Connected Greenhouse



The poly arched roof RD1 is a light weight gutter-connected greenhouse designed to allow maximum light transmission without compromising strength. This is accomplished by providing structural components sized to meet the general loading requirements of a customer's particular area. By not having a 'one size fits all' design, shading by unnecessary structural clutter is avoided.

  • Custom widths available.
  • Standard widths; 17' and 21'.
  • Gutter heights available from 8' to 14'.
  • Polyethylene or Polycarbonate covering available.
  • Aluminum gutter

Rough Brothers is proud of our reputation for superior quality. By working closely with you, we can help you select, construct and maintain the optimal structures and systems to meet your needs. Whether you are expanding your growing range, giving your garden center a fresh look or just starting out, Rough Brothers' experience is second to none. Our people are a diverse group; backgrounds include engineers, educators, garden center managers, and growers, all working together to help you reach your dreams. From thermostats to computer-driven environmental controls or hand-watering to Ebb and Flo, we can help you determine your needs.

Suitable for natural or fan ventilation, the Rough Brothers Poly Arch has a unique roof vent design which allows for maximum cooling: the bottom rail of the vent opens above the ridge, eliminating trapped hot air. An additional benefit of the raised bottom rail is the ability to easily vent regardless of outdoor conditions.

Designed to readily accept hanging baskets, lights, booms, echo systems, and other needed equipment, the Rough Brothers Poly Arch truss system can be designed to support each piece of supplementary equipment without additional structural members. This truss has also been designed for use with heat retention and shading systems, minimizing summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

With the exclusive Rough Brothers bowed sidewall, you will benefit from added growing space immediately, while having the necessary components to expand later. Since the optional bowed sidewall utilizes standard Poly Arch components, expansion is easy with the addition of posts and gutter.

The Rough Brothers Poly Arch is available in standard and custom widths to suit your needs. Standard sizes include 20'6', 36', and 41' wide. The 20'6' is available in two designs: the standard Poly Arch and the Poly Arch with truss. The 36' and 41' wide Poly Arch structures are designed with clear span trusses. Available in various heights to accommodate your needs; complete design specifications and structural details are available.

  • Growers & Nursery Management
  • Retail Garden Centers

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