Poly Barn Scrapers


High-strength UHMW poly is lighter and more durable than steel.Oversize, lightweight 8' x 30' blade is a real work-saver for cleaning floors and walkways.Slick, smooth surface helps prevent the dry-manure hangup common with steel blades... and the time-consuming chiseling to remove it.

  • Poly is quieter - no steel-clatter noise to disturb cows
  • Poly has more flex than steel - less likely to catch on protruding stones and jolt operator
  • Ideal for snow... slickery, non-porous surface helps prevent snow from sticking to blade... rolls right off!
  • Poly's superior performance has been proven - used for years in heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Long-life poly is non-porous - resists moisture, manure acids, feed additives and other chemicals
  • Extremely tough - resists heat, cold, sunlight and warpage
  • Excellent stress cracking and puncture resistance - even at extreme temperatures

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