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Poly Covered Greenhouses



Stub posts and posts: Highest quality steel tubing, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing, Available heights are from 8' to 16'. Gutters: Formed from 11 gauge steel, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing, 54' Wide Service Building. Trusses: Welded construction, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing.


  • Rolled from 1-5/8' x 2-3/4' x 16-guage oval or 1' x 3' x 16-guage galvalume tube
  • Spacing: 4'c/c or 6'c/c
  • Roof profiles available: standard, arch, peaked
    • Roof Purlins
    • 1-1/2' diameters x 16-gauge galvalume tubing
    • Post bracing and wind bracing
    • 3/8' diameter threaded rod


  • Two piece aluminum extrusion (pre-punched for installation)
  • Aluminum gable extrusions
  • Designed to accept wirelock that securely fastens the poly

Sidewall vents

  • Available in poly film, polycarbonate or glass

Gable vents

  • Available in polycarbonate, poly film, glass
  • Roll up sidewalls
  • Available in both manual and motorized versions

Gable Ends

  • 2' x 4' x 12 guage upright posts
  • 2' x 2' x 16 guage horizontal purlins
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel tube
  • End wall coverings: poly film, 8mm polycarbonate sheeting, corrugated polycarbonate
  • Aluminum extrusions are provided
  • All fasteners and hardware is included

Ventilation Systems

  • Consist of steel racks and pinions on 4'c/c or 6'c/c spacing and 1-5/16' OD galvanized steel drive shaft
  • 1' x 2' x 16-gauge vent arms
  • Aluminum vent sill with rubber closure seal and poly lock extrusion and shaft hangers
  • All required fasteners and hardware are supplied
  • Manual vent operation and automatic vent motors are available
  • Gutter or ridge vents are available

Inflation System

  • Custom inflation systems for individual grower requirements are available
  • Drip Gutter
  • Aluminum drip gutter extrusion assemblies come complete with drip gutter hangers.
  • Aluminum drip gutter end spouts are also available.


  • Addition standard widths are 12', 14', 17.5' and 19'

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