Poly-Fastener® has become one of the world's leading sealing systems for greenhouses, water conservation, grain and silage conservation, composting operations and much more. These many uses are not the limit to how we can help your sealing needs. Poly-Fastener® has also been used for storm windows, solar panels, privacy panels, shelters, screen doors and windows.


Poly-Fastener's UNIQUE DESIGN creates an air and water tight seal.

Poly-Fastener is a two-part plastic fastening system consisting of an outer channel and insert strip that holds on tight to flexible materials such as plastic sheeting, fabric, and fiberglass screen. Poly-Fastener's unique design creates a secure air and water tight seal while evenly distributing the material along the holding edge of the channel.


Having been developed in Manitoba, known for its sweltering summers and freezing winters, Poly-Fastener has been rigorously tested under numerous weather conditions. The channel and insert strip are reusable for many years with simple care and maintenance.

The Poly-Fastener channel can be attached to a variety of surfaces useing these methods.

Place your material between the channel and insert strip being sure the holding edge of the channel is where the material is to be pulled tight, then Zip It On!

For smaller jobs, Zip It On with ease using just your thumb.

For large projects use our specially designed Zip Tool.

Remove the insert strip and material with the handy Removing Tool.

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