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Wide-ranging uses: With the tubular film Polydress FarmTube from RKW, you can store market crops such as grains and rapeseed as securely as potatoes, compost and spent grains. In addition, you can reliably ensile grass, corn and sugar beet pulp with Polydress FarmTube, ensuring low losses.

Dry storage
Market crops can be stored in a dry and protected manner in the field with Polydress FarmTube. The tubular film is the answer to increasingly fickle weather conditions and volatile grain markets, which require the harvest to be brought in rapidly as well as secure storage capacities.

Minimal losses
There are only minimal fermentation and storage losses in the hermetically sealed film tube. The small silo face reduces oxygen entry and fungal infestation and ensures low shrinkage during silage extraction.

High feed value
Even high-energy beet pulp can be ensiled at storage temperatures of between 40° and 45°C without silage additives. Polydress FarmTube’s advantageous silo form retains the structure of the energy-rich pectins and thus the feed value, even under heavy compression at high storage temperatures.

Uniform sustainability
RKW has continually perfected the production technology for the tubular films. The products have been conceived with sustainability in mind over their entire value chain – from procurement of the raw materials through production to disposal.

Tubular films are an interesting alternative to a traditional silo construction. Polydress FarmTube literally offers you all-round protection here. The film is the first choice for professional feed conservation and the storage of market crops.

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