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High silage forage quality: igh-quality silage films with a thickness of at least 0.125 mm (5 mil) ensure the required gas impermeability. Polydress silage films are available in the thicknesses 0.15 - 0.20 mm (5 mil - 8 mil) and can be recommended without reservation for all types of silage.

Comprehensive product range
Optimal silo coverage consists of an vacuum film and a silage film, a silage protective cover and filled silo bags. The RKW product range contains all of these films, protective tools and also includes side wall films and adhesive tapes.

Tried and tested films
The high-quality films are available in roll lengths of 25 m (82') up to 400 m (1312') and in roll widths of 4 m (13') to 20 m (65'). For optimum protection of silages, the Polydress underlay films are also available in widths of 6 m (19') to 20 m (65'). The transparent Polydress side wall films from 2 m (6') up to 6 m (19') protect the adjacent silage in the wall area and prevent water and air from entering at the side.

High security
Polydress silage films are made of high-quality raw materials and are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards. RKW can therefore offer a 12 month warranty on the UV resistance. The Polydress silage films are also available for high UV requirements on request.

Particularly resilient
The DLG Certificate (from the German Agricultural Association) is a seal of approval for outstanding quality and security. The Polydress DLG Silage Film has passed the required tests with flying colors and convinces in all factors relevant for long-term use, including solidity, dimensional stability after warm storage and gas permeability.

Individual color solutions
Polydress silage films are available in the color combinations white/white, white/black, black/black and green/black/white, thereby providing the right solution for individual customer requirements and regional specificities.

Polydress silage films are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and stand for a high degree of reliability in tough everyday use. The high-quality films have been tried and tested, both in livestock operations and in silage production for biogas facilities.

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