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SolaWrap, also known as Polydress LP Keder, enables energy capture by allowing light energy to pass through the system while scattering the light energy so as to eliminate burn spots and shadowing within the structure. The unique double-layered system encloses air burls or pockets of air which act as light ray diffusers. The diffused sunlight scatters more evenly than does direct sunlight as it passes through traditional structure films and materials. SolaWrap allows 83% of sunlight to both pass through and scatter through the triple polyethylene layers and air burls, enabling sunlight energy to reach the lower parts of plants.

“Keder” refers to the beading, or thick cylinder of plastic on the edge of the polyethylene.  This allows the SolaWrap to easily slide through an extrusion, or locking channel system. The strength that this system achieves can withstand over 100 mph winds without any loosening or tearing.

The self-contained air burls not only allow for the diffusion of light energy, but they also create an air-supported insulating effect while side-stepping the cost of operating an inflation system 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The insulating effect of the air burls is enhanced by the composition of the triple-layer polyethylene system. SolaWrap is composed of more than 16 mil worth of polyethylene, compared to the traditional 4-6 mil thickness of one wall of the double layer inflation system. It’s outward-facing side polyethylene layer is composed of 8.6 mil worth of material! SolaWrap couples the outer 8.6 mil wall with an air burl of 5 mil, and an inner wall of 3 mil, totaling more than 16 mil worth of highly durable polyethylene. The energy savings generated by the SolaWrap system is evidenced by a thermal resistivity of 27 which is 5 times greater the 4.9 of double blown polyethylene systems . Thermal resistivity is a measure of a material’s resistance to passage of heat. High thermal resistivity lends itself to a more easily managed and maintained internal ambient temperature. This also means that the expense of heating or cooling a structure’s system is drastically reduced due to the drastic increase of temperature control.

The scientific design of SolaWrap borrows nature’s honeycomb structure to give the film a more impact-resistant durability, to contain air for higher insulation values and to diffuse sunlight at 83% throughout the entire structure. SolaWrap is the American name for Polydress LP Keder.

SolaWrap is more impact resistant than its market competition.
Polyethylenes have difficulty withstanding even the most minor impacts. Once punctured, the entire sheet of polyethylene must be replaced or carefully and painstakingly patched. Polycarbonates are brittle and cannot flex or move when dynamic forces are introduced, such as high wind conditions, and are susceptible to yellowing and cracking.

Localization of impact
Unlike its competition, SolaWrap’s unique triple layer air burl composition makes impacts less damaging to the whole sheet of material by localizing the impact. If the outer 8.6 mil wall is punctured, the hole is localized to the air burls which were compromised.

Tried and Tested
As seen below, this German greenhouse structure is using the original SolaWrap material applied more than 25 years ago. As seen in the enlarged picture, very few air burls have been compromised, and the integrity of the SolaWrap has remained with the few air burls harmlessly filling up with water, which has now turned black due to stagnation.

Easy Replacement
SolaWrap can be cut with a knife or scissors.  Due to it’s flexibility and strength, it is easily installed and remains extremely durable.  If a strip of SolaWrap is damaged you can easily pull the strip out and replace it without having to replace the entire covering. It is also very safe to install making it a viable replacement for dangerous recovering situations.

SolaWrap is the American name for Polydress LP Keder. Produced in Germany, this product is highly engineered. Now offering widths of 4, 5, 6 and 6.5 feet. The rolls are 328 feet long. See below for the manufacturer’s technical data on SolaWrap.

Disclaimer: ”R-Value” is a measurement used in North America to determine how quickly heat is transferred through a medium. This shows how well a product insulates. The R-Value is listed here as 1.7. However, when conversions have been calculated here in North America, the R-Value has come out as 3. Because this product is made in Germany, where they do not use our measurement of R-Value, but rather a measurement called “Thermal Resistivity”, they have been unfamiliar with R-Value. The Thermal Resistivity of Polydress® LP Keder, called SolaWrap™ in North America, is 3 to 5 times greater than other products on the market. Please check back for an updated R-Value, as the manufacturer’s scientists are running tests and recalculating to determine the true R-Value of the product.

Tried and tested in various extreme climates for almost 30 years, our product, SolaWrap provides the energy cost savings, yield performance, and longevity that the horticulture and agriculture industries have been looking for. Here are a few highlights:

  • Enables energy capture by allowing for 83% light transmission, but only allows 30% IR to pass through.
  • Unique triple-layered system encloses air burls or pockets of air which act as light ray diffusers diffusing light at an incredible 83%.
  • Composed of more than 16 mil worth of polyethylene.
  • Thermal resistivity of 27, which is 5 times that of double blown polyethylene systems and 3 times higher than standard polycarbonates.
  • Easy and safe to install.


Patent Pending PVC KederLock System attaches SolaWrap to the bows of a greenhouse
The KederLock System creates a safe installation environment. The PVC channeled profile attaches to the bows of your greenhouse or hoop house with screws. Place pole through your roll of SolaWrap and place the pole ends on two sawhorses. Clamp a rope to the beginning of the sheeting. Insert the beaded cord into the channels of the KederLock. Then simply pull the rope from the other side of the greenhouse or hoop house. Your SolaWrap can be battened down with wood or PVC strips, or field welded and secured with another strip of KederLock. Keep your team safe and your premiums down.

SolaWrap is what the American horticulture and agriculture markets have been waiting for. Seize this opportunity to allow SolaWrap to drive down operational and maintenance costs, protect your crops, and expand your profit margins.

SolaWrap is the American name for Polydress LP Keder.

SolaWrap is quickly, easily, and safely applied to hoop houses. Hoop houses are basically a high tunnel with bows, or bent metal poles, at a certain interval. The tunnel is then covered with some form of polyethylene. Apply SolaWrap for insulation on par with triple wall polycarbonate (which cannot be applied to hoop houses due to it’s rigid nature), as well as 83% light transmission and 83% light diffusion. This amount of light will allow your plants to grow at a faster rate. Clients using this product in the Mediterranean have reported a 3 week advancement of tomato crops in structures covered with SolaWrap when compared to structures covered in other forms of polyethylene. Plants flourish under diffused light. Only SolaWrap provides high light transmission, high light diffusion, and high insulation.

To apply SolaWrap to your hoop house, you simply apply a channel locking system to your bows that can be placed at 4, 5, 6 or 6.5 feet intervals. We offer KederLock, a PVC profile that is easily installed with simple screws, to secure your SolaWrap to your hoop house.

Here, we show how you can use SolaWrap and KederLock to cover a hoop house and provide maximum ventilation. Install your KederLock along the bows of your hoop house, and pull the SolaWrap through using a clamp system. Then, at the perpendicular, apply KederLock along the length of your hoop house. The bottom of this wall can be rolled up during the summer, as shown, and battened down during the winter to provide excellent insulation.

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