Polyethylene Tubing Pipe


olyethylene tubing or 'Poly Pipe' is an ideal solution to meet your irrigation needs. Our tubing adapts to your unique application. Poly pipe  allows you to design your operation season by season as your needs change. Poly Pipe is a proven method for irrigating both row and flood crops (see chart). Adjustable gates can be installed on either side of the pipe and at any spacing to handle your watering requirements.


  • ROW CROPS    
  • COTTON    
  • CORN    
  • RICE
  • BEETS    

To insure that our Poly pipe handles your needs, we use only Prime Virgin Resins for consistent high quality pipe. Our pipe is guaranteed for one year and can typically lasts up to two years under ideal conditions. The cost of purchasing new pipe each year is far less expensive than the alternative irrigation systems. Gates installed in pipe typically last 4-6 years.

With over 30, years of experience we make every effort to supply you with pipe that meets all of your needs. We combined quality, service and technical support to handle any situation.

Advantages of poly pipe:

  • Adaptable
    • Water sources can be from canals, ditches or wells.
    • Can be used for water transfer or direct irrigation.
  • Conserves Water
    • Saves up to 40 percent when compared to most water irrigation methods.
  • Flexible
    • Poly pipe can be used around corners and bends around the field.
    • Poly pipe can be restricted to maintain or localize water pressure even in sloping fields.
  • Variable Capacity     

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