- Model H - Seeder



The Polymat Compaci H is a machine lor seeding OSR and green cover crops. Electronically driven, universal metering unit for coarse and tine seeds. Electronically driven metering and EASYtronic by means of speed measuring connector cable. Large hopper capacity of 600 litres. 12,16 or 24 distribution tubes. Hydraulically driven fan with large capacity for an accurate distribution. Stairs and platform behind the machine to reach the hopper easily and safely. Hopper cover. Quick-change system for mounting at disc harrow Multidisc (XL)H

Standard specification distributor beam Eco H

  • A steel profile with 12 or 16 spreading plates that accurately broadcast the seed. It can be mounted in front or behind the roller. The angle is adjuslable.

Special benefits

  • With the universal metering unit, coarse and line seeds can be seeded from 1 to 200 kg/ha.
  • Simple electronic controlled calibration test with a bucket.
  • The Polymat Compact H comes standard with a quick hitch for the Multidisc H headstock. It is simple to take the seeder off or put it back on.
  • EASYtronic: this compact terminal with touch screen and color display regulates automatically the dosage and includes hectare counters and a control system that shows fan speed and hopper content. The computer is linked via CANbus with the job computer on the machine.

Further explanation accessories

  • With the modular hopper extension(s) of 350 litres, it is easy to increase the hopper size.
  • Fan on the power beyond of load-sensing connection of the tractor. The EASYtronic seeder computer switches the fan on and off.
  • EASYtronic LH5000 variable rate control unlock code + adapter (does not apply to EASYtronic*): using this op-lion means that the FASYtronic computer can be connected with a GPS computer that controls the dose rate in a site-specific way. Dosage is determined by the values on the GPS map.
  • FASYtronic* IS08US exclusive CCI 200 display: applicable if the tractor is equipped with an integrated ISOBUS display or an ISOBUS display from another manufacturer. For a separate Tulip CCl-200 display, see page 65.
  • Wheel sensor kit + hitch sensor: allows the speed signal and hitch position to be measured on a tractor that is not equipped with a 7 pin ISO plug.
  • Electronic metering wheel on the machine: is necessary for operating the machine with several (older) tractor models that don't have a 7-pin plug in the tractor cabin.
  • GPS speed measuring sensor * hitch sensor: measures speed and hitch position.
  • Work lights improve the view on the field when working in the dark.
  • Covering harrow for improved covering of the seeds.

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