- Controlled Release Fertilizer


POLYON controlled-release fertilizer with its trademarked green color is backed by years of research, and for decades has been the market leader in the turf and ornamental markets. The key to its performance is the Reactive Layers Coating technology which meters out nutrients via diffusion, regulated by soil temperature and coating thickness.


  • Controlled Release
  • Ultra-thin, ultra-tough polyurethane coating
  • Unique coating process for consistent nitrogen (N) release
  • Specially selected granules are round, uniformly sized and dust-free to facilitate coating process
  • SGN options - micro, mini, and regular
  • Thickness of coating determines longevity from 8 to 52 weeks

  • Within a week of application, soil moisture penetrates the polymer coating through osmosis.
  • Encapsulated nutrients are dissolved, but not released.
  • Over time the dissolved nutrients slowly release through diffusion, only when triggered by soil temperature.
  • After the complete release of nutrients, the polymer coating eventually decomposes by microbial activity into naturally occurring soil elements.

POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer is formulated for turf, landscape and nursery applications.

  • Temperature-driven nutrient release, not affected by excess moisture or rainfall
  • Consistent, predictable feeding; minimal surge growth and low burn potential
  • Fewer applications save time and offer the ability to reallocate labor resources to other tasks
  • Greener, healthier turf for the ultimate playing surface or lawn
  • Dust-free handling and long shelf life due to durable coating
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for nutrient leaching, run-off or volatilization

Superintendents, lawn and landscape managers, and nursery and greenhouse growers will find POLYON® fertilizer in the sizes they need:

  • Micro SGN options for golf greens
  • Mini SGN options for golf tees and fairways
  • Regular SGN options for golf, landscape and ornamental applications

Substrate options are also available with varying longevities:

  • Urea 8 to 52 weeks
  • Monammonium Phosphate 16 to 32 weeks
  • Muriate of Potash up to 16 weeks
  • Potassium Sulfate 16 to 32 weeks
  • Magnesium Potassium Sulfate about 30 weeks
  • Homogeneous NPKs, NPKs + minors

Release specifications for 80% total nutrient release at 86°F.

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